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Need Help?

We love to be helpful. It's what we're here for. Look below and see if there's info or resources that address what you need. If you don't see it, please contact us and we'll do what we can to get you connected with someone that can help.

"Great community and wonderful staff"

- Roxhill Parent / Guardian

Our Mission

New to Roxhill?

Maybe your child is about to start kindergarten. (They grow up so fast!) Or maybe you've switched schools. (Whew!) Either way, we know it can be a confusing time. We've been there. And we've got the info to help you out. 

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Neighborcare At Roxhill

The Roxhill School-Based Health Center (SBHC) is open for the school year for FREE medical, mental health, and dental services for all students. Contact the clinic to set up an appointment or to register your student. Phone: (206) 452-2660 Text The Clinic: (206)490-0802, Email: 


I really need help.

Need some deeper help? No worries. Everybody needs a little help sometimes. We work closely with Ms Amber, Roxhill Elementary's school counselor. She's super nice and has many resources to help From getting your child clothes and food to potential utilities, rent support and more. You can send her an email below.

Need more? Contact us below.

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