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Roxhill Scholastic Book Fair

Students will be invited to shop at the Book Fair in the school library from Friday, September 3 through Friday, September 10. Students will have an assigned shopping time each day by grade level; there will be no before or after school shopping for this Book Fair. (Kindergartners begin school on the next-to-last day of the Book Fair, so if K families would like to participate, shopping online is the best option.)

If you would like, you can set up an e-wallet for your child so your child does not need to bring cash to school. (However, your child may shop with cash.) You can also shop online if you choose.

Here is the Book Fair homepage link for Roxhill if you’d like to set up an e-wallet or shop online:

We will have another Book Fair the week before Spring Break. Here’s to a great 2021-22 school year with lots of reading!

- Chris Robert

Librarian, Roxhill & Highland Park

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