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Roxhill Covid Information

*Information and images provided by Principal Torres's August 31st zoom meeting.

Roxhill will be doing co-current lunch in 2 locations.

Children will be instructed to eat airplane style and remove and replace their masks between bites.

Location 1: Cafeteria:

• 51 students | 3 children per 8ft table

Location 2: Covered Area:

There is a permanent covered area at Roxill Elementary that is closed on 3 sides and open on one side. That is the area referred to as Location 2.

• 50 students | 3 children per unknown ft table, 2 children per unknown ft table.

There are 3 lunch periods per day:

  • K-1st grade 10:20-10:40

  • 2nd-3rd grade 10:40-11:00

  • 4th-5th grade 11:00-11:20

*If you are taking your child out for lunch Principal Torres requests you let your student's teacher know, as well as email her and Ms. Howsmon at &

Student morning drop off instructions for walkers and drivers:

  • Families are to remain off the property, outside of the gates

  • Gates will be unlocked at 7:45 for breakfast; 7:50 others

  • All students will be in their class lines

  • No playing on the big toy

  • Line monitors will have structured activity if needed


  • Enter East ramp. Students will grab a breakfast ad sit at open seating

  • Sit, eat and go

  • Out to the interior doors, down the stairs at the north undercover area, out to the playground.

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