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ABC Countdown to Summer!

As of May 24, there are only 26 more days left in the school year! Countdown with us using the ABC countdown calendar below and/or this PDF: ABC Summer Countdown PDF ABC Countdown Calendar May 24 Addition with your Stuffed Animal Day Bring in your favorite stuffed animal & play addition games! May 25 Backwards Day Wear your clothes backwards! May 26 Compliments Day Tell someone a compliment. Tell your own brain a compliment too! May 29 No School

May 30 Drawing Day Draw during part of class time today! May 31 Eight Exercises Can you do Eight different Exercises during recess?

June 1 Fancy Day Dress your best or wear something fancy!

June 2 Green Day Wear Green!

June 5 Hawaiian and Hat Day Dress like you’re in Hawaii with a hat too!

June 6 Invitation Day Invite a person you haven’t played with before during recess!

June 7 Jammies Day Be ready to work in your jammies!

June 8 Kindness Day Do something kind for a friend!

June 9 Letter Day Write a letter to the incoming class for your grade for next year!

June 12 Movie Day We will watch a short video with the whole class!

June 13 New Name Day We get to choose a new name for the day!

June 14 Orange and Outside Day Wear orange and do some work outside.

June 15 Pigeon and Piggie Day Let’s read some Pigeon and Piggie and Gerald books by Mo Willems!

June 16 Queen or King Day Dress up as a Queen or a King! We will read books about Queens and Kings! June 19 No school June 20 Rainbow Day Wear rainbow colors (or as many different colors) today!

June 21 Sing for Summer Birthdays Let’s sing Happy Birthday to all the summer birthday!

June 22 Team Day Wear your favorite team’s shirt or colors!

June 23 USA Day Celebrate the USA by wearing red, white, and blue!

June 26 Visitor Day We will have a guest visit us in class today!

June 27 Walking Day Walk a different way to Art/PE! June 28 Xtra Long Break Day We will have an extra long break during class today!

June 29 Year End PartY We will celebrate our year of learning too! June 30 Zero, Zip Up, and Zoom Out There are zero more days of school. We will zip up our backpacks and zoom out to summer vacation!

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