COVID-19 Safety and Supplies Fundraiser 

TODAY, teachers are walking back into their classrooms—many for the first time in a year—preparing for the physical return of their students. And we want to make sure they have everything they need to keep themselves and our children safe.


We are launching an emergency fundraiser to make sure the school has the support and supplies they need not provided by the district; such as classroom air purifiers, extra masks, thermometers, buckets to keep coats and clothing from touching and so much more. We are facing new challenges daily and know we will need to be able to respond to these evolving needs and costs quickly.


Our immediate goal is $4,500. Will you help us today? 

*All funds will be used for COVID-19 related expenses not covered by the school district. Any funds not used immediately will be used throughout the remainder of the school year and in the fall to support in-person and remote students. There are no vaccines approved for children under 16 and we foresee COVID related expenses extending into the Fall school year. Funds raised over our goal will be distributed into our general fund.

UPDATE: This fundraiser is a supplement to what has or will be provided by the district.  The above list of supplies was developed by FORE and we are working together with Principal Torres, Roxhill teachers and families about what additional supplies would help them with the school reopening. Many students will remain in a 100% remote learning model and we want to remain a supportive resource for them as well.


Unlike more well-funded PTO’s in Seattle, FORE is not always in a position to provide immediate financial assistance when funding requests come in.  We depend on the generosity of our broader West Seattle community to help us meet the unique needs of our school community and we are so lucky to have your support. By donating to this fundraiser, you are helping to ensure that we can respond as quickly and effectively as possible


This pandemic isn't over. To keep our teachers and children safe and prevent community spread, we need your help.

Our teachers, educators, staff and children have made extraordinary sacrifices this year. 

They deserve our support.


We Need Your Support Today!